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Warehousing & Distribution

Your company’s key focus is on the products you sell and the clients you serve.  Ecko Warehousing and Distribution services allow you to take your eye off logistics and focus on what you do best.  No matter the size of your company-outsourcing your inventory systems and product warehousing to Ecko means you can get back to the "business" of your business.

We have the expertise, experience, equipment, and all the systems in place to provide you with the most advanced level of inventory control and flexibility available.  Ecko gives our customers access to your items both physically and electronically.  It’s like having your own warehouse on site.

Need to make a surprise shipment on a Saturday?  No Problem.  Ecko owns its’ own delivery trucks which means we can access your product and deliver anytime it is needed.

Need to check inventory, re-order, or see par levels on Sunday night?  No Problem.  We give you access to all your inventory information online so you don’t have to wait for Monday morning to get a report.
When you partner with Ecko you stay in control; we do the work.

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Kitting & Fullfillment

So you finally have your product developed and customers wanting to buy it.  With demand growing do you find yourself and your company in the business of packaging, kitting, and fulfillment instead of marketing and product development? 

Let Ecko take over the back end services that bog down many companies. 
Ecko provides solutions for packaging design, product packaging, and fulfillment of customer orders from our dedicated kitting and fulfillment division.  We have the space, manpower, software, and distribution capabilities to handle any size project.